My Story

All began when my daughter was born  …

I am a mother of three lovely childrens , a housewife and a Lady who loves homemade bakery at all times.

When My elder daughter was born, my husband and I thought of something special and personalized that can be done by using our laser. The idea revolved around the cake and this how the first rolling pin was created with her name and hearts 

Observing the reaction of our loved ones and realizing the first orders, we found that we have many ideas that will come to light. That’s the way our website URL was created as well as increasingly challenging orders arose. Our business was founded from the homely and modest idea, which developed and spread to different parts of the world .

Now Pastry Made provides top-quality baking , catering and cooking supplies, e.g. decorating and baking tools & accessories, cooking tips & supplies and party goodies.

Thank you  for visiting my shop and I hope "PastryMade" will be your all times favourite one-stop cooking & baking shop.

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